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Sorry to say, In the near future, (a month or so) I am going to decommission this web site.

This web site has been up and running since 1998, the early days of the internet, before FaceBook existed, even before Google was a known name!
This web page was originally created simply as a means to share family photos with grandma's who didnt know how to use email. (true).

I no longer maintain this web site much and it has become seriously neglected.
I will probably keep the goobernews.com domain and maybe I'll rehost this web site somewhere else.(If I do, it will still be goobernews.com)
To be honest, paying almost $180 a year to simply host a web page is crazy since there are many places where it can be done for free.
I am currently saving ALL the content within this web site and maybe, just maybe I'll get it back up again.
April 2017


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Kokenge Family

Stories about growing up in Kansas, by Kay Holmberg

Misc stuff. Things interesting, curious and fun.